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An Interesting, Enjoyable and Beautiful NORO Handknitting Yarn

We strive to produce yarn that is natural and gentle to people and nature. We hope our yarn will provide joy and happiness to people who use it.
"NORO Yarn" is made to fulfill these dreams.Let us introduce to you yarn created through our persistent desire to provide high quality products.

About the raw material :

NORO Yarn has always been particular in selecting raw materials from nature.Carefully selected materials are used to manufacture and deliver yarn that does not lose the natural properties of its material. Impurities in the raw wool are carefully removed by hand without the use of chemicals or machines.
This process prevents damage to the fiber, though it makes it impossible to remove impurities as completely as chemicals and machines do.

About the blend :

To manufacture yarn with the best possible texture that combines softness, lightness,strength, touch, color, luster and ease of knitting. We blend several types of raw material,utilizing our deep knowledge of the characteristics of each material.Materials are blended by our original method to avoid damaging the characteristic of each batch, and thus the actual blend ratio may differ from that stated on the label.

About the dye :

Color is the most important factor for NORO Yarn.Colors must be beautiful with a strong luster and richness of quality.At the same time, they must also be robust to prevent them from fading asily,discoloring or staining.We have conducted research over many years, continuously going through a process of trial and error. By using an abundance of the highest quality dye, we have attained beauty and durability in the colors of our yarn.

Making of the NORO Yarn :

The basic principle for NORO Yarn is "Spin yarn by hand" Use machinery only for what cannot be done by hand. This hand-spun yarn is made from finely dyed wool,lined faithfully according to color and weight, carefully maintaining the slow spinning speed by our crafts persons. Since the human hand is used in the spinning process, the natural luster and texture are obtained without considerably impairing the wool fiber. Lining up the yarn by hand results in irregular arrangement of wool, thereby giving the yarn more bulk. The features of the NORO Yarn are lightness. softness and loftiness. Please view the thickness of our yarn as an average value. Because it is a handmade yarn with raw materials being weighed and lined by human hands, thera are areas that are thick and areas that are thin. There are areas where the strand is tight and where the strand is loose, so please knit gently and discover the joy of knitting NORO yarns.

About knots :

Unlike other yarn. handmade NORO Yarn cannot be continuously spun without knots. Spun yarn is finished by rolling up at aboute 80-90 grams.
Then the yarn is knotted together in a ball or hank. Please understand that in some cases, there may be a knot or two in your ball or hank of handspun NORO Yarn.
This is an introduction to some of the distinctive features of NORO Yarn. We will continue to concentrate our efforts in the manufacture of produts that are gentle to nature and to people. We will continue to strive to make improvements in quality, to develop new products, and to pursue developments in the use of yarn that may be helpful to our customers. We are looking forward to your continuing patronage.